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The Na'vi of Avatar are matrixians harmonic with nature

In my January 11 post "I would rather rest than use my smartphone" for, In it, I state that "due to human reliance on tools to carry out even routine tasks like dressing, even foraging human societies are matrixian, though by matrixian standards, they are the closest to nature."

Do I feel this statement also applies to the fictional Na'vi race from the Avatar films?

Short answer: Yes.

But how?

Don't the Na'vi live in harmony with nature, through the guidance of Pandora's consciousness, Eywa, and consciously protect and nurture their environment?

Don't the Na'vi cultivate deep bonds with Pandora's wild animals, including connecting neurally with the ikran and establishing spirit sibling relationships with the tulkun?

Don't the Na'vi understand how to tap into the Pandoran neural network to communicate directly with plants, animals, and Eywa?

"Yes" is the answer to all these questions. Moreover, there are other interesting spiritual concepts present throughout Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water*.

However, this doesn't mean that the Na'vi aren't ultimately matrixian.

From what I have seen in the Avatar films, the Na'vi are physically gifted enough to easily scale trees and obstacles and comfortably navigate their rugged jungle and ocean terrains. Still, they rely on making and using weapons and tools such as bows, arrows, spears, and knives to perform tasks as fighting, fishing, and hunting. Moreover, despite dressing minimally, they still wear garments and ornaments for presentation and battle.

Such factors, combined with their housing arrangements and the way they ride their ikran and direhorses into battle, the Na'vi are, for all intents and purposes, a tall, athletic, and conscious-to-nature "human" race: arguably the most capable of harmonizing with nature for an inherently matrixian entity, but matrixian nonetheless.

As I have kept stressing over and over in my posts, natural entities don't need any form of clothing or tools to accomplish what they're meant to do naturally. Some animals may use tools at times, but they don't need them. The Na'vi is impressively in tune with nature, but not as much as animals.

So what is the best way to start progressively transforming this matrix NOW so humanity, too, may live more in tune with nature?

Those ready to transcend the matrix by returning to natural forms would have to wait until this current matrixian life is over.

As far as the Na'vi are concerned, they are the gold standard for inherent matrixian beings' integrating with nature. But how many of us, even if mentally ready to adopt their lifestyle, is ready to implement it on a practical level? For one, do you have access to the wilderness? If so, do you have knowledge of wild edible plants, or at least of how to grow your own food? What are you going to do about your human waste?

I'm not saying there aren't people who already have their own solutions, but I'm guessing many of us need to incrementally advance from a novice level. What is the best way to bring together as many kindred spirits as possible, to share ideas and develop and implement practical solutions?

I'm no expert on transforming life in the matrix to be more natural and enjoyable. However, a holistic, interdisciplinary program I outlined in my January 1 post "Let's break the matrix RIGHT NOW" would be a start:

1. Self-empowerment
2. Nature
3. Farming
4. Economics and free currency (can be cryptocurrency but not necessarily)
5. Open source technology (software AND hardware) and free internet
6. Free energy
7. Matrix environment

The matrix we live in right now is absolutely designed to trap us in a lifestyle in which we are begging for a "dearth" of resources, food, water, energy, and money. It is intended to cut ourselves off from self and nature. The imposition of a system in which money is needed for virtually everything, then artificially limiting the supply of money through usury, is a silent weapon of mass destruction and oppression.

The program above is a simple, intuitive outline to unlock the bottlenecks strangling us. This website covers Discipline 7 (matrix environment) through the lens of popular culture and entertainment. Sister website covers Disciplines 1 through 6.

We may have a ways to go to become as harmonic with nature as the Na'vi, but let us come together to research, share ideas, and develop and implement solutions to unlock said bottlenecks.

(Image credit: Screenshot from Avatar [2009], captured by the author)

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