Monday, November 9, 2009

When you had too much to drink

A little wine don't hurt nobody. It's when you drink too much that the problems start happening. For example :

1. You may think you're Tony Montana.

2. The girl sitting next to you at the bar may look like Paula Abdul.

3. You may drive under the influence.

4. You may spend hours looking for your keys, when they've been in your pocket all along.

5. You may be throwing up all night, begging for a second chance.

I also think that Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers had too much to drink on Saturday night.

I loved the valor of Brett Rogers. He absolutely took it to Fedor, breaking Fedor's nose with his first jab of the night. He also didn't hesitate to batter Fedor in the clinch. He took some hard shots, and escaped some close submission calls, but he was surviving.

However, I still think The Grim had too much drink. He traded with Fedor, with no lateral movement : When he punched, he always stood in front of Fedor's line of attack, even stepping into Fedor's range.

He escaped Fedor's submission attempts, once even sweeping Fedor from underneath and pounding him from above.

But in the end, his lack of polish and experience was not nearly enough, letting Fedor catch him with a booming overhand right that went right past his matador guard.

The lesson for Brett Rogers: Drink too much Russian vodka and you puke green.

This is what happens when you block Fedor's punch with your head
courtesy of Showtime

As for Fedor Emelianenko, the win came with perhaps one drink too many.

Fedor got his nose busted on the first contact of the night, and still hasn't shown that he isn't vulnerable to a fighter who can control the tempo of the fight with his striking.

And I wonder what Brock Lesnar would do to him if the two were to fight on the ground. Rogers is big, strong and tough, but the Lesnar before mononucleosis has shown he can smother and control anyone with his wrestling.

The Russian legend's right hand that dropped Rogers was impressive, no doubt, but reconstructive surgery and medical suspension doesn't sound like fun to me.

Now, someone somewhere is probably putting together a blueprint to get Fedor drunk.

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