Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'll cry when Juan Manuel Marquez retires

"Snakes" by Ol' Dirty Bastard
ft. Killah Priest, RZA, Masta Killa and Buddha Monk

After seeing the heart of a lion that Juan Manuel Marquez has when Marquez fought Floyd Mayweather, Jr., I've officially reserved my tears for the day when Juan Ma announces his retirement.

I'm of the opinion that a warrior's true heart is tested in the ring. After seeing Miguel Cotto will his way through a bad cut to beat Joshua Clottey back in June, I learned for the first time what a man-crush is.

After seeing Marquez fight through til the end of what was a one-sided beating at the hands of the bigger, faster, younger and more skilled Floyd Mayweather, I'm convinced that I'll cry for a man that I've seen only on TV.

If how Juan Manuel Marquez fights is conceptualized by the structure of the Wu-Tang posse cut "Snakes" from Ol' Dirty Bastard's solo debut album Return to the 36 Chambers (The Dirty Version), then Floyd Mayweather, Jr. would be best represented by "Hellz Wind Staff" from the Wu-Tang Forever double album.

Both Mayweather and Marquez are cut from the same psychological mold : hardcore, hard-working, hard-fighting and Jordanesque sons of guns. But Mayweather is about the refined presentation, while Marquez is about the rough, rugged and raw.

"Snakes" is a sparse, minimalistic cut energized by kung fu movie and soul music samples, with a strong drum beat. "Hellz Wind Staff" is similar in structure, with kung fu movie samples powering the flow of the song, and backed with a sleek bassline. If "Snakes" is the original rugged Wu-Tang sound, then "Hellz Wind Staff" is the polished, sophisticated epitome of RZA's signature.

In the end, the slicker, polished manisfestation of the hardcore warrior beat the rough version - easily. However, the less refined version didn't go down without giving it all he had.

Marquez was being peppered all night long by Mayweather's jabs and left hooks. It was staggering to see how much of a size - and everything - disadvantage Marquez had.

La Dinamita was knocked down in the second round by Pretty Boy Floyd's patented lunging left hook, and was battered, bruised and bloody throughout the fight. He threw everything he had, but he could barely touch the defensive master that's Money May.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. knocking down Juan Manuel Marquez

But Juan Manuel Marquez never quit. He had nothing going for him before the fight and it showed in the ring. The raw quail eggs and urine didn't work. Hell, even his own brilliance was useless for the night.

But Juan Ma inspired at least one man who was watching the fight. Because I'm thorough convinced that I've learned how to shed tears for my hero.


  1. good fight, showed the perfectionist Floyd is. cant wait for Cotto/Pacquaio now

  2. God bless Juan Manuel Marquez. But may God also bless Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

    Even though Mayweather was fighting a smaller man, his technique was nothing short of brilliant.

    I can't wait for Pacquiao-Cotto either. I got my money on the Pacman, but either man would make a fight with Mayweather.

  3. Loved the Wu-Tang references, and I think you chose the perfect songs...and Marquez is almost as dirty as ODB. Gotta respect his performance on Saturday.

  4. Wu-Tang from 1993 to 1997 was incredible. Marquez was thoroughly outclassed but that's only because Mayweather is on a whole superior level.

    His undying effort moved me big time.


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