Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to snag a hottie

The Legendary Ass of Victoria Vannucci
Victoria Vannucci's butt is stuff of legend.
from Hombre Argentina May 2009

Like I mentioned in my previous piece, Miguel Cotto is a tough hombre. The same applies to his upcoming opponent Joshua Clottey.

And Vanessa Vannucci (who is getting featured repeatedly on is a super hottie from Argentina whom many men the world over would love to get into the pants of :

Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey may not be vying for the attention of Victoria Vannucci, but they might as well be, because stepping into the ring to face off an opponent ready to take your head off at any moment is the ultimate test of manhood.* And manhood is what women like.

I can see the girls going crazy for Cotto even if he weren't a fighter. His intense, wordless, minimalistic demeanor makes him a mysterious tough guy. He's got class.

In the somewhat publicized fight between Cotto and his uncle Evangelista, Miguel Cotto didn't kick Evangelista's ass until said uncle threw a cement block at him and ended up smashing his 2009 Jaguar. And this uncle punched Cotto in the face and followed him home to fight some more after the initial scuffle. And he refuses to talk about the incident in public, saying it's a family affair. That's called self-control.

I don't think Joshua Clottey would be as popular as Cotto, but he'd do fine with the ladies nevertheless. He seems to have a quirky and unintentionally funny way of subtly expressing himself and that's a good thing to have.

How would things go inside the ring though? Who will the dime called the WBO welterweight title choose? What must Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey do to snag the hottie?

Perhaps what I think is Clottey's quirkiness manifests itself in his game. He's got a 5-10 reach at a height of 5-8 but his best weapons are his tight left hook and uppercut. He steps in and out of range with his high guard in place in case he gets hit. He could circle and utilize his long-range weapons (jab and cross) better. His fighting is counterintuitive, but he's a top welterweight who's fighting for a title on the eve of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, so something has to be working right for him.

Cotto doesn't fight counterintuitively, but he's a mystery inside the ring as he is outside : Such a tough guy but not the best ring general; all about business but not a great defensive technician; an aggressive attacker with just enough boxing skill to not have to rely entirely on brawling.

Between quirk and mystery, I'd have to take the mystery on this one. Miguel Cotto's reach is just 5-7, but at least he circles and jabs. At least he moves laterally and puts together nice combinations. Joshua Clottey is like a poor man's Winky Wright with that high guard, but I can't see him scoring enough points to best the Puerto Rican hero. Cotto is no Paul Williams, but at least he's ferocious when on the offensive. Against a methodical Clottey, that and his decent boxing will be enough to get him a unanimous decision victory.

Not only will Cotto get his wife (WBO belt), he will also get his mistress (the proud pro-Puerto Rican crowd).

Victoria Vannucci's bush

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