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UPDATE (June 15, 2010) : In order to reach unprecedented heights, we're undergoing through a massive remastering process. This hands-on process involves recharging and updating the creative spirit and power of our content and branding.

Until the new, even better is unveiled, check out Script Fighting and Babe-A-Day!.

UPDATE (March 24, 2009) : We're no longer on Facebook and Networked Blogs. Click on the link for our explanation.

UPDATE (February 6, 2009) : We're now on Twitter - as well as Facebook and Networked Blogs.

Hey Cavemen,

It's an honor to introduce myself. Eight months ago, I was working 12-hour days at a cable TV network as a program acquisition manager. It had its perks, and I learned a lot, but I wasn't getting a chance to do anything creative. Moreover, not getting to interact with the people who truly mattered - the fans - was eating into me, and that's when I started THE CAVEMAN NETWORK, "The Hottest NonPorn Men's Daily on Earth".

With my background, I felt I could bring a unique and smashing fun perspective to sports-oriented men's entertainment. Combining my experience as a college athlete (Division I JV basketball at Cornell) and student of mixed and traditional martial arts with my ongoing career as a writer-entertainer, I decided to get to the essence of what makes the Caveman tick - and it's been a blast.

Of course, I can't present pornography, nor can a non-pornographic site compete for the attention of men against porn, so if you want porn, then I can't help you. But if you need a break from porn, and still want to see the hottest stuff that gets you riled up, then check into THE CAVEMAN NETWORK and experience HotNonPorn.

Currently, we offer these uniquely branded programs, which we try to present daily, time and manpower permitting :

Babe-A-Day! : hot chicks
Wild Beatdowns! : combat sports, focused on MMA and boxing
Mad Ballin' : basketball
Ball-Kickin' : soccer
Cool Out! : humor, fun and entertainment
Da Streetz : urban and Hurban entertainment

Moreover, we offer Rabid Rankings, which can be summarized as "The Craziest Rankings on Earth".

Our fresh, fun and insightful content is unlike anything that's out there on the web, so I seriously encourage all Cavemen to check in daily. If not, you'll be seriously missing out!


VJ Rabid

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P.S. Due to the popularity of Babe-A-Day! we have created a sister site of TCN called

Korea is truly a World Babe Mecca, with beautiful women walking everywhere on the streets of Seoul, and the ladies deserve the tribute.

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